Sam Rayburn

March 18, 2019
Sam Rayburn

Water Temps 58-60 degrees
Water Level 4.5’ into flood pool

Last week, we saw schools of fish moving up. We were able to locate several large schools in 20-25’. We primarily located them on hard contour lines off of main points. Catching them on the other hand proved to be quite the challenge. I found that you really had to slow down to get a bite. When the bite came, it was either a pretty good fish or a short fish. I never really found that school that would produce multiple fish in short period of time. A drop shot and Carolina rig were the best opportunity with the C-rig bringing in the larger fish. We never got a deep bite on a jig, though is certainly wasn’t without a ferocious attempt.

I was able to also locate a few males on beds right on the bank. They were active, however, we left them be in anticipation of the upcoming weeks when the big females move in.

Fishing the outside grass line is still productive, though still a bit slower than normal. We have been fishing Texas Rigged Worms, a Senko on a whacky rig, and chatterbaits. Our biggest fish of the week came on a white chatterbait with a paddle tail swimbait trailer. This fish came in at 6.7.

A cold front blew through the Sam Rayburn area on Thursday. The bass would still bite, though it did slow down quite a bit. I went back and checked on the bedding fish and was unable to locate them. I assume they moved back out due to the temperature drop and pressure from the front.

Everyone keeps asking, when will the spawn bite be on…. My opinion is that it won’t be for another couple of weeks. I really think the middle of the spawn will take place in the middle of April this year.

We still have dates available in April. Contact me and let’s go chase some of the big girls.

Eric Van Natter

Sam Rayburn Guide Service