Pro Staff and Rewards Program

IFG Pro Staff

We are accepting Pro Staff members to be eligible you must fishing qualified circuit. Pro Staff receives the top perks that IFG can offer in exchange for your promotional efforts. If you are interested in joining our Pro Staff team please email a resume of quality promotional experience to


Ichtus Crew Member program offers new members a discount on Ichtus products.  Do you need to fish in tournaments to be on the Crew Members? No, if your active on social media and can help push our products and content you are eligible for consideration.


>You must be wearing a Ichtus shirt or logo on the front of your jersey. This needs to visible on your jersey.

>While on stage try to give us a shout out (This scores huge points!) and any pictures we can share of you at your events.

>You will be added to our private group where we ask you share the content that we will provide for you. This requirement isn't about every post but you should be active on social media and help spreading brand awareness.

>Your Facebook face reflects us and we request to try and refrain from posting vulgar content because that reflects us as brand also. I like to say keep it professional and before posting think about how it would appear on the front page of the newspaper.

>We reserve the right to discontinue the program or Pro-Staff membership of any member for ethic violations or closing the program all together.


If your interested in joining the IFG Team