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April 4th 2019

Logan Martin fishing report.

Water Temp. Is low to mid 60s. Water clarity is fairly clear about 2-3 foot visibility. It's a little below winter pull but is starting to finally come up. Bass are very scattered right now but some spots are already on bed. Also, some largemouth have already started to go on bed. You can find largemouth bass on secondary points and flats and on the main river around docks and brush. We have been catching some on top water here and there in the mornings and in the afternoons. Most fish are coming from soft plastics and mid diving crankbaits


May 2nd 2019

Logan Martin fishing report.

Water temp is mid to upper 70s, water clarity is good, and water level is not quite at summer pool but it's getting close. Most of the fish are in post spawn. Right now u can catch a little bit of a shad spawn in some places. Early in the morning we are catching them on whopper ploppers, spooks, and mid diving cranks. In the morning you can still find some fish schooled up. In the mid day on secondary flats and ledges we are throwing jigs and Carolina rigs and shaky heads.



June, 2019

Logan Martin fishing report the water is in the low to high 80s, and water clarity is fairly stained. Bass are still pretty scattered and there is alot of dry roaming. Most of our better fish have been coming from main river docks between 3 to 12 foot of water with a jig or chatterbait. In the mornings, you can get a top water bite around sea walls and grass. It seems like the afternoon bite is better then the morning bite right now. You can also find some good fish in the feeder creeks running a chatter bait around wood cover and brush


July, 2019

Logan Martin fishing report. Fishing is really tough at Logan Martin right now. Water temp is mid to high 80s and water clarity is stained. You can find them in the morning and evenings on sea walls and grass from 2-10ft of water .If there is current you can find some on ledges with Carolina rig or crank bait. There are small schools of shad everywhere with some decent fish mixed in every now and then you can catch some of those on a single swim bait.