Caddo Lake


Bass fishing on Caddo Lake

Hello from Caddo Lake

April is fishing good on Caddo Lake with all the rain we have had the lake is up a few feet over normal levels for this time of year. So we are able to get into places that would normally be to grassy or choked up and the bites are very shallow this year. If your trolling motor is not stirring up mud you could be to deep, the rising water has the bass bedding in super shallow areas so top water, flukes and senkos have come into play big time.

Colors have been water melon when clear water and  june bug for muddy water. Water temps have been in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s 
The full moon this month should see more double digit girls coming in to be registered and released.
This has already been an amazing spring for trophies but that is why most come to Caddo Lake in the spring. 
God bless and happy fishing 

This is definitely the time to come and fish one of the most amazing lakes in the south 

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