About us

So your probably wondering what does "ICHTUS" mean and why does it drive our brand? "Ichtus" is a symbol of a fish and relates to the Christian faith. The word "Ichtus" is Greek for the word "fish." I hope that these foundations are seen in the workings of Ichtus Fishing Gear.

As a tournament angler, it is my goal through IFG to provide an opportunity for anglers of all ages and levels to feel included and accepted in this great sport. My family and I currently live in Lexington, North Carolina about 20 minutes from High Rock Lake.  We would love the opportunity to connect with you if you are ever in this part of the country.  

Ichtus Fishing Gear is a growing business, but it is not what we do "full time."  I am a full-time Student and Family Pastor at our local church, and along with that we are the founders of Family Fit Ministries.  FFM is a ministry that tells the story of our marriage journey.  Check it out at www.familyfitministries.com

Thank you for your continual support of Ichtus Fishing Gear.  God Bless.