Top 5 Bass Fishing Lures

So, if you only had one fishing lure you could keep in your tacklebox, what would it be? We asked several professional tournament anglers including the 2019 Bassmaster Champion Ott Defoe, Alex Davis, Tommy Biffle, and many more this question. Based on an average here is the response for the top 5 fishing lure the pros would choose.

#5hollow body frog

The hollow body frog comes in at number 5. Professional angler Alex Davis was one on the many anglers that chose the hollow body frog. Whenever fishing around grass mats or lily pad the hollow body frog can out shine any lure out there and bringing in many 30lb sacks on lakes the like of Guntersville, Okeechobee, or Harris Chain Lakes. One tip was mentioned was don’t overlook throwing the frog during mid-day in shaded overhangs.


The bladed jig comes in at number 4. If there was one bait that had changed the game this bait would rank high on the list. If Boyd Duckett has only one lure he could throw it would be a bladed jig. This versatile jig/spinnerbait puts off a ton of vibration and can be thrown in many areas. From slow reeling, to jigging it off the bottom this bait gets hammered and usually produces a big bass often.


The buzz-bait comes in at number 3. We asked Professional Angler Greg Bohannon, “what fishing lure would choose to be the only lure in your tackle box?”. He said, he would have to go with a buzz bait. The buzz bait is known to be post spawn bait, but it can be used as a search bait. Being able to fish a buzzbait faster than many other top water lures allows you to cover more water faster and be effective with the steady retrieve.

#2Matt Arey

The swimbait comes in at number 2. Professional Tournament Angler Matt Arey said, he would choose a “Fetch Swimbait made by Lunkerhunt”. Swimbaits comes in many different styles, shapes, length, and colors. Whether you are a finesse or power angler, you fish the swimbait to suit your style. If you are fishing on Guntersville, you may want to throw a larger 5 inch or even 8-inch swimbait on ledges to catch big bass. If you are fishing on a smallmouth fishery you may want to have a 3.75-inch Hype Shiner tied on. One tip mentioned to us was don’t overlook throwing big swimbaits on laydowns or in heavy cover.


Not many surprises, the jig comes in at number 1. The 2019 Bassmaster Classic winner Ott Defoe said, “I would choose the Terminator pro jig. I use it in nearly every event throughout the year”. Greg Vinson replied, “I’ll go with 3/8oz jig with a Netbait Paca Chunk”. Many other professional anglers chose the jig as the best bait to have if you could only have just one. Tommy Biffle chose a Biffle Bug but also a Junkyard jig. Another, Professional Angler Skylar Hamilton likes to throw a Buckeye Mop Jig. The jig can be fished shallow or deep. There aren’t many ways you can’t fish a jig. I don’t think you could choose a wrong way to fish a jig. With a crayfish being a staple part of bass diet, it will always be a year around bait to throw.

We had a wide variety of other fishing lures mentioned. Notably, jerkbait or suspending fishing lure by Kelly Jaye. The most important thing is choosing a bait you have the most confidence in fishing.