Springtime Bass Fishing Tactics part 2

Springtime Tactics Part 2


The Spawn

By now most of the bass are in full spawn mode and sitting on the beds. Water temperatures are steadily increasing, days are becoming longer, and opportunities to land a bass of a lifetime are exponentially increased.


Target Locations

Key in on shallow shorelines in 1-4 feet. Look for prominent structure such as docks, submerged trees, gravel and rocks like riprap that are used to prevent erosion. Look for stub fields that have quick access to deeper water as fish will hold near the funnel locations. Identify grass or vegetation mats that are year-round that provide tight cover, and of course anything else that provides an area that will allow bass to create a bed and protect it.


Lure Selection

-Topwater plugs and buzzbaits are my favorite for finding the most aggressive fish

-Creature baits such as lizards, crawfish, and large twistail plastic worms to stay in the strike zone longer on the beds to create bite.

-suspending jerkbaits are useful when covering large open flats with scattered structure

-And finally, swimbaits in bluegill, perch, crawfish, blue/black, and pearl are the most popular for depending and your water clarity to help land a trophy.


Key Tips

  • Check and retie knots frequently
  • Use polarized sunglasses
  • Operate in stealth mode, be quiet as possible, make longer casts when water is more clear than usual
  • Have Confidence in your Baits!


Drew Cox