The Cold Of Winter

When you get in your boat in middle to late December on a cold winter fishing day you start to wonder where do I start? You look out over the lake and there is no visible grass, there is no obvious structure and your mind says where do I start and how can I put some fish in the boat? I believe there are some obvious patterns; as every lake whether Guntersville or others there is an abundance of underwater points that make great winter fishing spots. Deep points make excellent places for bass to hide from the current, set up to ambush bait and generally hold lots of oxygen from the water movement.
Bass move to points and deep structure in the cold, they become creatures of habit when those cold winter days are upon us you should use these areas of deep points as staring places to find bass. The first thing I suggest is you start surveying the bottom for depth change with your Lowrance electronics or use a good lake map. Look for areas where under water points meet structure like deep stumps and old shell beds that form a hard bottom. In most lakes the deep points hold plenty of bottom structure and for Guntersville it always seems as though the grass has formed somewhere along the underwater point. So scanning the bottom for points and structure puts you in the area where the bass move to when it is cold.
Now that you have located some possible structure and under water points I suggest you fish the point from deepest area pulling to the shallow top of the point; I believe that bass will work up and down the point as the day moves on. Your job is to thoroughly work the area until you’re sure you have covered it completely. Working from the deepest part of the point to the top allows you to be precise and cover all the edges and drops around the point, and I believe in most cases the bass will hold at the bottom of it and starting their puts you in position early in your fishing trip.
Finding deep points is easy but staying on top and get the boat in position is not, but with patience and slow movement it can be done!

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