Preparing For The Upcoming Bass Fishing Season

There is no down season for me when it comes to bass fishing. We live in the south and we don't any lakes freezing over. This allows to fish year around. As the winter has closed out and spring is just starting to kick off in the south. They are several things to start preparing for this year. 

I start off, by respooling my reels and checking the maintenance on the reels. Next, I check the rods to make sure they are in good condition and are not missing any eyes or needing any repairs. There is nothing worse than setting the hook on a bass and the line breaking because I was too lazy to change to the line. This has happened to me in the past and vowed not to let it happen again.

Next, I check to make sure I have the correct selection of baits that I'll be using during the early spring season. They will be a wide variety of lure because we fish many different lakes that are all different in some way. I may want to make sure I have enough Chaos Craws for bass starting to bed early. I will also have something in a Brim Pattern. This doesn't have to something that's identical it could be just the color because bass key in on color and shades that mimic the prey or enemy. 

Then, I'll start arranging my boat around to make sure I am fully set up and can optimize my time on the water. What I like to do is have rods and baits organized to be able to have quick access to them since I fish a lot of bass tournaments. When fishing in a bass tournament you want to be to get to what you need as fast as you can to have more time fishing rather than searching through the boat. This will change during the seasons. For spring time, I am strategizing for that season and my boat is set up accordingly.

Finally, you have your reels, rods and bait organized. The boat is organized and set up its time to hit the water. Being prepared technically is only just part of being set up for the best part of the bass fishing season. Just remember being safe on the water by wearing your life jacket when it is appropriate will only ensure you another day on the water. God Bless and tight lines!