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The Cold Of Winter

When you get in your boat in middle to late December on a cold winter fishing day you start to wonder where do I start? You look out over the lake and there is no visible grass, there is no obvious structure and your mind says where do I start and how can I put some fish in the boat? I believe there are some obvious patterns; as every lake whether Guntersville or others there is an abundance of underwater points that make great winter fishing spots. Deep points make excellent places for bass to hide from the current, set up to ambush bait and generally hold lots of oxygen from the water movement. Bass move to points and deep...

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Preparing For The Upcoming Bass Fishing Season

There is no down season for me when it comes to bass fishing. We live in the south and we don't any lakes freezing over. This allows to fish year around. As the winter has closed out and spring is just starting to kick off in the south. They are several things to start preparing for this year.  I start off, by respooling my reels and checking the maintenance on the reels. Next, I check the rods to make sure they are in good condition and are not missing any eyes or needing any repairs. There is nothing worse than setting the hook on a bass and the line breaking because I was too lazy to change to the line....

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