Catch Your Personal Best Bass

Largemouth bass

Most parts of the south are starting to get the pre-spawn kicked off. This time of the year it can be awesome time of the year. The full moon is gonna be this week and water temps are starting to level off and be consistent. What all this means is some great fishing and big female bass before they drop their eggs. If you are heading out this weekend here are some tips to help land you your personal best largemouth bass.


Start looking for places that you can intercept these female bass before they move on too their spawning areas. Here are a few places to look for:

  • migration routes such as creek channels
  • secondary point located near flats
  • flats close by spawning areas


When out in these locations mentioned think of the spots as high percentage areas. The odds are good that bass will be around these locations. Taking the fishing lures you chosen and present them in slow or medium speed retrieves. These bass are hungry and they are ready to eat to prepare for the spawn where bass goes days without eating to protect the beds and fry. These bass will eat and no need to try and get a reaction bite out of them they are ready to feed.


What should you throw right now? Shaky Heads are gonna be a great choice right now on the secondary points. Also, combined with a Carolina Rig with a Chaos Craw to help locate them. Bass will instinctively attack a crawfish because of the threat it will pose to the eggs. Approaching the creek beds a suspending jerkbait would be a great choice to help locate these feeding bass. Throwing a soft body jerkbait with a weighted hook on the flats would be the best approach. 

Trying out these ways to catch a largemouth bass could land you your personal best. The time is now to be out on the water to possibly land that double digit bass. It will be a 1lb to 2lb difference in about a month or two when the female bass drops her eggs. So that 8lb bass you catch in a month could weigh over 10lbs now while full of eggs. 


Daniel Sims