Buzzbaits and The Spawn

It’s the highly unlikely bait that most of us do not focus on during the spawn but there is probably no bait that gets more strikes over spawning areas than a buzz bait. When your confused on what will turn on a spawning fish, or frustrated pitching at a bed, try and old trick of mine over the top with one of the many types of noise maker buzzing baits; they’ll end your frustration!

It’s always been amazing to me how fiercely a bass will attack a noise maker rolling over their head while trying to spawn, and a buzz bait or the many variations of it will lite-up your day on the water. The thing you have-to be prepared for is to get a good hook set as many times these spawning areas are places that are in the thick of the early weeds on your lake. Asian weed, Lilly pads, early milfoil all these grasses hold spawning fish in the shallow flats and getting a fish out of them can be challenging unless you prepare for it. Use braided line, forstrength, have a good medium heavy rod with a fast reel speed of at least 7:1:1 in speed. Thiswill increase your chances of putting that fish in the boat.

The many types of buzzing baits always produce the question which one do I use? To me the answer is based on the thickness of the grasses your fishing and whether the structure is showing over the top of the water. The normal buzz bait will catch many of the top structure weeds but works well around scattered Lilly pad stems and hang-up on the Asian weed producing a frustrating time, the rear rotating buzzer bait with treble hooks hanging from the under carriage catches the grass but works well over grass that in 6 inches or so under the water. The buzz frog is the most versatile of them all as its stays up on top of the structure,works well around open holes in the grass and moves freely around pads. It’s really a good choice in the thicker cover. Have a rod set up with each of these baits go to your spawning flats find the mixed weeds and have some fun!

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Capt. Mike Gerry