Buying a Used Bass Boat


If you’re a bit of an old timer like me, you remember when a used boat was just that one that was wore out and purchasing it was a big mistake. Today, however things are different used boats are generally a good way to purchase a boat at a cheaper price that has been already taken care of.

First and foremost, today’s motors have extended warranties that last well into the 4 to 6- year time frame from new and most of the time can be extended at the repurchase date for a few more years. The truth about motors over the last several years is they are lasting well into 1000 hrs. and more before needing repairs. The boat itself is warrantied for many years and some the hull for life time so being reassured that the boat is worth having is much easier than it used to be. It also a fact that we all want the latest in technology and today’s original buyer has loaded many of their boats with high end electronics if not adding them to a sale for the dealer can be done with a few hours of labor. It also a fact, that the gel coating and finish or aluminum on today’s boats are very well built and if taken care of by the original owner look nearly new at repurchase time adding to the appeal of the once purchased bass boat.

The kicker right now is the pure fact that many of the 2-stoke boat owners from a year ago are trading in their late model boat for one with a 4-stoke motor, putting a glut of used boats in the lots of the boat dealers. There is certainly nothing wrong with the past 2-stokes they have been the motor of choice for many years and now you have a choice of late model boats to choose from on the market. Many of these are loaded from electronics to the latest trolling motor technology and power poles and more; you just need to go fishing as most of these are set up like we all want them. The truth is never in my history of the bass fishing boat industry have I seen so many well taken care of used boats on the market and you should take advantage of it by talking to your local dealer.

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Capt. Mike Gerry